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Resolution Life Coaching is a life coach service focused on helping individuals, couples and families release their inner lion and reach their full potential while living an authentic and fulfilling life. 

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“The Smallest Step
in the Right Direction
Ends Up Being
the Biggest Step
in Your Life.”

~ Steve Maraboli

Change Your Life

How a Life Coach Can Help

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Customized Solutions

Personalized Coaching

Resolution Life Coaching offers a non-judgemental, professional, respectful, and safe place to share and learn.  Sessions are designed with you in mind and at pace that caters to your style and journey. We welcome laughter, tears and emotional reactions while teaching you ways to prepare for or overcome your life’s challenges. Personalized coaching is available for:

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How It Works

The Process

Resolution Life Coaching makes it easy to start your journey towards a new life. 


Meet your life coach, share your objectives and learn more about our services with a free 30-min consultation. 


We will have a discovery session to explore the struggles you are facing and create a customized plan.  


Our ongoing sessions will help you achieve your specific goals so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Focused Self-Improvement

Life Coaching Programs

Resolution Life Coaching has specific programs to help you with certain areas of your life. Through these programs, you will learn life-changing skills and strategies to support your transformation to a more empowered and authentic life. 


Stop allowing negative thoughts to stand in your way of success and become the best version of yourself. 

Confidently Free

Release your inner lion and experience the limitless opportunities when you learn to accept and love who you are.

Boost for the Youth

Learn essential life-skills and tools to grow that will serve as the foundation for a thriving future. 

Your Life Coach

Meet Eloise

Eloise D’Aubin is an accredited Emotional Intelligence and Transitional Coach Practitioner. Eloise has over a decade of experience serving her community. She has extensive leadership experience in a variety of industries.  As a BIPOC Support, she enjoys working with clients of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. She has experienced the challenges and benefits of motherhood, a blended family, career change, and entrepreneurship.

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