The Process

Step One

Introductory Meeting

Free introductory meeting where you can ask questions and learn more about my services. This gives you the opportunity to share your goals and objectives.


Step Two

Discovery Session

The 1:1 discovery session is to assess and clarify your goals, determine what your primary goals are and your desired outcomes to give direction and focus to our work together. We will explore what struggles or challenges you are facing and create a plan.

Then we will agree upon and set a certain number of ongoing sessions to work together toward our co-created plan.

Step Three

Ongoing Sessions

This is the beginning of our co-active journey to creating the life you desire with ongoing 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions that will move you closer to your ideal life.

These sessions will involve working through and addressing your needs and aspirations, reviewing progress or changes from our last session, exploring options, solutions, and action steps to move you closer to your desired outcome.

We will track progress, and I’ll occasionally assign homework or an independent self-discovery Toolbox you can focus on and complete between our ongoing sessions.

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Get in Touch


Have any questions about the process or how it works? Contact Resolution Life Coaching and begin your journey to a new life today.