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Life Coaching Programs

Resolution Life Coaching offers a variety of programs that cater to your style and journey. 

Personalized Coaching

Personalized coaching is customized entirely around your objectives and the challenges you are facing.  Sessions are designed with you in mind and at pace that caters to your style and journey. We welcome laughter, tears and emotional reactions while teaching you ways to prepare for or overcome your life’s challenges. 

Focused Programs

Resolution Life Coaching has specific programs to help you with certain areas of your life. Through these programs, you will learn life-changing skills and strategies to support your transformation to a more empowered and authentic life. 

Stop allowing negative thoughts to stand in your way of success and become the best version of yourself by taking accountability for your life.

Release your inner lion and experience the limitless opportunities when you learn to accept and love who you are.

Learn essential life-skills and tools to grow that will serve as the foundation for a thriving future. 

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Focus Areas

Resolution Life Coaching provides Life coaching to Parents and Caregivers. Being a parent is the only job that does not come with neither training, a manual nor a salary, yet it is a demanding job. Many have bought into the idea that becoming a parent is equivalent to sacrificing who we are, our dream and personal purpose. Such sacrifice has resulted in unfulfillment, professional stagnation, negative family dynamics, anxiety, guilt, and low self-esteem. Repeated self-criticism and negative self-judgement take a toll on the mind and body. 

Through self-discovery and exposure of the negative self or foreign beliefs, Resolution Life Coaching helps parents find ways to turn negatives into strengths, acceptance and adaptation to their realities while learning how to honor their authentic selves. Parents can benefit from a new perspective, a place where they are able to honour every part of themselves and freed from beliefs that have kept them away from their goals, dreams, and aspirations – allowing them to thrive!

Resolution Life Coaching offers a place to just be you. Learn more about yourself and your mind using exercise through play, build self-confidence, support and understand your communication style, expressing how you feel and how to be heard.

An athletic coach does not perform on the field or the court, yet every sports team, every athlete has a coach. The athletic coach is a crucial part of an athlete’s success and achievements. The mind is like the athlete who has the abilities, skills, and potential to achieve great things and an Accountability Coach acts as a coach providing direction, motivation, accountability connecting you and your mind to your wants, needs and goals. 

Although confidence is a crucial part of achieving your goals, it is often misunderstood. Confidence is not something that happens to you, nor something that is given to you. Confidence is a gift to yourself. One has to put it on and remember to keep putting it on.

Resolution Life Coaching helps you explore your mind, discover the fabrications, and helps you question them and dissect them to understand their roots, origins, how much these thoughts have and continue to take from you. Through our sessions, we develop a plan where you are given tools that you can use in any setting where low self-esteem is experienced. These are tools you can have for the rest of your life. Building and re-building your self-esteem to live a courageous and fulfilling life.

Find out which program is best for you with a no-obligation, complementary consultation. 

Group Programs

Resolution Life Coaching offers workshop series in the following areas:

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