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If you are searching for a black life coach, you have come to the right place! Resolution Life Coaching is a life coaching service providing online virtual sessions globally as well as in-person. Through personalized coaching, focused programs and self-directed toolkits, we help individuals, couples and families live their most authentic and fulfilling life. 

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BIPOC Life Coach

Be seen, be heard, and be understood

Racial identity has a major impact on how we experience the world around us. Unfortunately, Black, indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are often disproportionately underrepresented in many facets of society.

As a woman of color I grew tired of feeling stuck and being forced by society to downplay my worth and knowledge. I quickly discovered a chasm between the number of safe spaces that would nurture and grow people of color. I sought to create that space where BIPOC can feel supported, be themselves while addressing the stressors disproportionately experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. These may include:

BIPOC Life Coach Online

A Partner in Change

Allow me to partner with you as you navigate your societal pressures and make powerful changes to move away from behaviors or thinking that limits your knowledge, diminish your identity, and steal your passions.

Progress from oppression to freedom through self-realization through identifying and overcoming fears, rebuilding confidence, finding your voice, time management, self love, identifying gifts, purpose, regulating your nervous system, spirituality, and lastly fully embracing your unique identity. I want to help you build a life of purpose enwreathed in healthy relationships as you become your highest self and most authentic self in a life that aligns with your values and dreams. Coaching sessions and programs can be entirely online. 

Life coach helping parents and children

BIPOC Life Coach for Children

Empowering our Youth

Life coach helping youth - a group of youth feeling empowered

Our children are born powerful but once they reach the age where society can influence them they start to lose that power. They start to notice the world for what it is and begin to doubt their worth and belonging. I work with Black, Indigenous and Children of Color that have been historically unprotected and undervalued in society. I encourage and empower them to uncover their unique talents, abilities and identify what makes them unique. Don’t let society teach your youth who they should be or what they are capable of. Provide them a safe space where they can learn how to overcome the stereotypes and be proud of who they are.

As an accountability coach, I help youths who are feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, and are having difficulties finishing their projects to take inspired actions. I encourage them in a supportive way to remain focused on their goals, improve their productivity while keeping them accountable in taking inspiring actions.

BIPOC Coach for Teens

Healing our Adolescents

I support and teach adolescents to thrive in the world as amazing powerful Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) by teaching them how to adjust their mindset. I teach them to be intentional and creative in life. I help them develop strong foundational belief systems through integrative coaching methods that align with their sense of self, dreams, goals, and every day decisions as they are at their pivotal point of growth.

I offer a safe and non judgemental space to express and fully develop ideas. I give them the space to discover things for themselves opposed to telling them what they need to do. I am an open ear but I will question the belief systems that have the potential to limit them or that creates negative self-talk that can destroy their confidence.

I help them navigate the often difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood such as puberty, intellectual, emotional, and social development. In our coaching sessions, we focus on developing their strengths to equip them with life long tools to face life challenges and obstacles with freedom and confidence.

Black life coach helping teens

Meet Your BIPOC Life Coach

Hello, I'm Eloise

Eloise D’Aubin is an accredited Emotional Intelligence and Transitional Coach Practitioner with over a decade of experience in helping people discover their authentic selves, build reliable boundaries, and develop a healthy mindset. She approaches her coaching holistically, focusing on the mind, body, and soul, as well as the development of emotional intelligence and coping strategies.

Her wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others has seen her gain valuable leadership experience across various industries, with a wealth of understanding about the difficulties and advantages of parenthood, blended families, career change, and entrepreneurship.

Eloise is uniquely equipped to guide others to find their unique place in the world and to build a strong foundation for a life of self-discovery, confidence and success.